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Plugins Adyen Docs.
Note that the inclusion of a plugin in this list is not an affiliation or endorsement of the organization by Adyen. In addition to these plugins, there are many others available through the community. If you have created a plugin that supports our platform, feel free to get in touch for possible addition to this list.
Plugins ohmyzsh/ohmyzsh Wiki GitHub.
They are each documented in the README file in their respective plugins/ folder. Enable a plugin by adding its name to the plugins array in your zshrc file found in the HOME directory. For example, this enables the rails, git and ruby plugins, in that order.:
Using Gradle Plugins. Gradle. github. gradle.
There are two general types of plugins in Gradle, binary plugins and script plugins.Binary plugins are written either programmatically by implementing Plugin interface or declaratively using one of Gradles DSL languages.Binary plugins can reside within a build script, within the project hierarchy or externally in a plugin jar.Script plugins are additional build scripts that further configure the build and usually implement a declarative approach to manipulating the build.They are typically used within a build although they can be externalized and accessed from a remote location.
Plugins webpack.
Enables a more fine grained control of source maps. Enables a more fine grained control of eval source maps. Uses Terser to minify the JS in your project. For more third-party plugins, see the list from awesome-webpack. Edit this page Print this page.
Plugins - October CMS.
See all featured plugins. Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt. Plugins for generating Sitemap.xml, Robots.txt and meta Robots tags for CMS Pages and Static Pages. Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt. Plugins for generating Sitemap.xml, Robots.txt and meta Robots tags for CMS Pages and Static Pages.
Make Sketch your own with Plugins Sketch.
Oct 26, 2018. This Sketch plugin provides a preview command P that will open a specially named slice in Skala Preview. The plugin works by exporting the first slice named Preview to Sketch's' cache directory and opening that file in Skala Preview.
Wat is een plugin? - Webbouwen aan de keukentafel.
Er bestaan op dit moment meer dan 45000 plugins om je website te verrijken.Kun je je voorstellen hoeveel mogelijkheden dat voor je website geeft? Waar gebruik je plugins voor. Je kunt het zo gek niet bedenken, er bestaat wel een plugin voor.
Plug-in - Wikipedia.
Een plug-in kan bestaan uit een zelfstandig programma, een dynamic-link library, een script of elke andere vorm. Vaak zijn de plug-ins opgeslagen in de map die ook plugin of plugins heet. Webbrowsers gebruiken plug-ins om speciale informatie op een site te kunnen laten zien zoals QuickTime -videobeelden, 3D- VRML -beelden, en flashanimaties via Adobe Flash Player.
Plugins - Vue.js.
Vue.use automatically prevents you from using the same plugin more than once, so calling it multiple times on the same plugin will install the plugin only once. Some plugins provided by Vue.js official plugins such as vue-router automatically calls Vue.use if Vue is available as a global variable.

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